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Here are the questions we are most frequently being asked:

How it Works


We focus on acquiring and selling top quality reloading brass.  We are interested in purchasing or giving store credit (includes items we do not have in the store - new brass, bullets, components, etc) for the following calibers in both brass and nickel cases.  Pricing based on caliber and quantity. You will be responsible for shipping to us. 



22-250, 243, 6mm Rem, 25-06, 260 Rem, 270, 7mm Mag, 7mm-08, 303 Brit, 300 Mag, 338 Mag, all WSM calibers, all WSSM calibers, all Weatherby calibers, other hunting calibers.



Pistol brass, 223/556, 308, 30-06, reformed cases (like reformed Blackout) 


Brass must be in good condition and will be inspected by us once we receive it.  Please fill out the form below or email us the following infomation:


1) Where was the brass acquired? (personal use, gun range, other)

2) How many times has brass been fired (if known)?

3) What is the condition of the brass? (new, clean, dirty, tarnished/water stained)

4) Is brass matching or mixed headstamp, if matching what is the headstamp?

5) Are you looking to sell or get store credit?










Success! Message received.

We Buy Brass


Do you have brass you want to sell?


We will buy it or give you credit towards purchase on our site.

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