Reforming WSM to WSSM brass


We use custom dies to reform WSM brass of any caliber to 223 WSSM, 243 WSSM, 25 WSSM, and 300 WSSM.  To form the WSSM from WSM, the cases go through 5 form dies, they need to be trimmed in the process, and the necks need to be reamed due to the increased brass neck thickness created in the forming process. Finally, our brass is annealed using our annealer from Skagit Automation.


Our goal is to maintain WSSM brass in stock ready to order.  Here are a couple of photos of interest.  















Here is a video of the annealer we use from the manuacturer website Skagit Automation.  If you need a quality annealer at a great price we would recommend you have alook at their product. 






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By the way - we will reform your WSM brass to WSSM for you... Click HERE for details...