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Custom WSSM Brass Forming


If you have WSM brass (any caliber) that you would like us to form to WSSM please Contact Us>. Here is some general information:

$1 per piece to reform from WSM to WSSM (223, 243, 25, 300) plus return shipping.  Bulk pricing is available.

$0.50 to resize WSSM cases to OSSM brass.  Includes annealing.


Cannot be nickel plated.

Brass must be Winchester, RP, Barnes, Norma, or Nosler (Federal brass will not work)

Shipping is via UPS - actual rate from 77515.

Brass will need to be trimmed to final length by you before loading.  Otherwise the brass is fully formed, annealed, and ready to load.  Please contact us and we will provide a shipping address for you to send the brass.

We will form your brass


If you have WSM brass of any caliber we

will reform it to WSSM for you.


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