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50 Pieces of 80% Winchester Super Short Magnum brass 'blanks'. These cases, made from factory new Winchester WSM brass have been through initial forming process to form shoulder and neck but will need additional work by the buyer.  They can be completed to 223, 243, and 25 WSSM.  These cases can also be used to make 6.5 WSSM, or sized up to 300 OSSM or other WSSM wildcats such as 358 WSSM. They come with a signigicantly lower price point than our complete reformed cases due to less labor involved for us.  

Once you have them, the cases will need to:

1) Be sized to desired caliber (they can be put through 223, 243, 25, or 6.5 WSSM full length die from current state), or necked up to 300 WSSM or other wildcats (we recommend annealing prior to and after opening them up).

2) Reamed or neck turned (this is a must - this step removes the 'donut' on the inside of the neck/shoulder interface created by forming the case shoulder and neck from the WSM case wall).

3) Trimmed to final length.

4) Annealed. 

Case dimensions;
Inside neck diameter ~.260
Outside neck diameter ~.300
Case length ~1.68


Sorry for the price increase - but the parent cases are very expensive right now - remember if you ship us your brass we will reform them for you - contact us via email for details.  

80% WSSM Blanks (50 PCS)

Out of Stock
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