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223 WSSM & 243 WSSM Now Shipping!

We have had a number of people helping to evaluate both the 223 WSSM and 243 WSSM to ensure they are shooting as well as the 25 WSSM brass is. I personally own a bolt gun and two AR 15's chambered in 25 WSSM, but do not own a 223 or 243 WSSM. Because of this I had these rounds test fired and evaluated by other parties, including Brady Smith, the DIY Hunter, who is an absolute expert on the 243 WSSM (check out his pages and I was very confident that the brass would fire just as well as the 25 WSSM - but before shipping any I needed to be certain of it. So - after evaluation I am happy to say all is good with the brass, all of the backorders are filled, and the brass is already breathing new life into starving guns around the country. Special thanks to everyone involved in the evaluation!

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