Annealing with Skagit Ballistics Annealer

We have received a lot of questions about annealing our brass; if we anneal, and if so how do we do it. The answer is yes we anneal the brass, and we do it with the annealer made by Skagit Ballistics. I had a lot of questions about annealing and David, the owner / operator was very helpful. I looked at a lot of annealers and for the quality and price I'm convinced I got the best deal out there. I have now annealed thousands of cases with this annealer and it has not skipped a beat! We use tempilaq as a temperature indicator so we do not over or under-anneal the brass, and once you know the speed to set the drum you can turn out a lot of brass in not a lot of time. I have heard some people suggest that they prefer an annealer that they can fill a hopper and leave it to work, however I am of the mindset that I want to watch it in action, and also use that time as a final inspection point for the brass I have made. Here are some photos I have taken and a video from Skagit on the process. I would highly recommend this annealer for anyone who needs to anneal both small or large batches of brass. You can get yours HERE.

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